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Written by Lauren SeamanWednesday, 11 March 2009 13:48

sts9_sf_2_27run_040.jpgTheir show is an experience unlike any other, and STS9 rarely plays the same set list twice.Saturday, March 14

Sound Tribe Sector 9’s Spring 2009 tour takes the band through the Northwest, Midwest and Southeast – including a stop at the Pageant this Saturday. Playing a combination of instrumental rock and electronic generated sounds, the five band members create music that fuses rock, funk, hip-hop and psychedlia. The trance-like, genre bending music attracts fans from all walks of life. Their show is an experience unlike any other, and STS9 rarely plays the same set list twice. They put their own spin on ‘jam’ style music, playing off each other in unison and rhythmic shifts rather than composing mostly in solos. Members of the band are excited about their newest release,Peaceblaster (1320 Records).  “Our feeling is that this record could be for everybody,” says bassist/keyboardist David Murphy. I’d have to agree – this album is by far their most relatable to many different listeners.

Peaceblaster is heavily inspiring the band on tour. The familiar transcendental electronic beats and loops remain, but with a variety of new sounds and ideas. New for STS9, Murphy along with bandmates Hunter Brown and Jeffree Lerner experiment with singing and voices accompanying the music.  The songs “Squishface” and “Peaceblaster ‘68” are excellent cuts from the new album.
A band with a conscience, STS9 has donated more than $150,000 to charities in just the past 18 months. The band raises money through their fan community, $1 ticket charity taxes, charity raffles and more.  STS9 and Conscious Alliance work hand-in-hand at the shows promoting support for the hungry by selling limited edition artwork posters. This year the band is donating to the Make it Right Foundation- to help build a home in New Orleans. Check out STS9 at The Pageant this Saturday with Nosaj Thing and enjoy an evening of exploratory jams while helping out a good cause. | Lauren Seaman

Sound Tribe Sector 9 at The Pageant

Saturday March 14th @ 7:30 PM (Doors @ 630 PM). Tickets $26.00