See Lizard Art & Photography

Welcome to our blog- this includes Lauren, Max, See Lizard Art & Photography and Sherman.  Sherman is our West Highland White Terrier and the most loving little creature. He is definitely a terrier and will be very protective and prideful.  We got him when he was a year old. He came from a family that neglected his needs, so we were more than happy to welcome him into our lives! Even though we didn’t raise him from puppy-hood we have taught him tricks, new behaviors and how to play.  Besides the occasional male peeing all over the house he is really well behaved. We love him and we believe he leaves a little touch on everyone he meets.

Sherman goes by many names and enjoys long walks on the grass and chasing the birds. He is very social and enjoys going out from time to time. We often get people asking what he is, saying they want one just like him- but they can’t have Sherman!

He crushes on a few other dogs in the neighborhood, which often involves playful short dates, nothing serious- jumping, barking, sniffing and chasing, but his parents aren’t really ready to let him go off on his own so the dates remain short.

Occasionally, we leave Sherman at his grandparents or at a doggie “spa”. He always comes home super happy. Those are times like when mom and dad go to celebrate their anniversary in June- Lauren and Max met at Bonnarroo Music Festival one year and have been in love since then. They enjoy traveling all over the US and he even visited her in France which is where we first saw a Sherman relative and fell in love again.  Currently, our newest addition to the family are about 15 beta fish.  They are beautiful and Max’s  idea- maybe Lauren can convince him for a Westie #2 or a kitten one day. 🙂

We both have  passion for creating and have begun representing our artwork through See Lizard Art and Photography. Our website is


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