Winter Holidayzzzz

Over our winter break we managed to get some things done despite Lauren having her gallbladder removed and Max having kidney stones- ouch!!!

I finished my first painting of Sherman- he is so cute, I started a new one today.

We photographed Sarah and Jon’s Engagement pictures- Congrats you two!

Also, I wanted to add in my first painting in a long time of Craig and Mandy from their engagement photographs. Lots of love!!

Christmas was spent with Max’s family- they all cooked an awesome meal and we got to spend time with his really cool little nephew Leo! Him and his sister had their first henna party experience and really liked it… Leo kept wanting more and then his arms and legs were covered in henna tattoos! We missed the rest of his family and mine too, but could feel the holiday cheer and thank you so much to everyone in the family and friends who sent gifts, food and cards. We could feel the love 🙂

Because of Lauren’s surgery her parents came straight from the USVI to Florida instead of Georgia to visit her and Max to feel better- so they spent New Year’s Eve with me and Max’s family for the second year in a row- and we had so much fun! There were plenty of family, food and dancing and one of the puppies fell into the pool. We had a good time. Happy New Years everyone! Sorry mom, hope you’re not embarrassed it’s just so funny and cute.

I guess we will have to work on the shark drawings Leo… 🙂