Birthday Morning Breakfast :)

Today is my Birthday, I forgot about it until Max told me! Oops, :).  Thank you all of you for your sweet and wonderful Birthday Wishes-  you put a smile on my face! Thanks!

Since I like to cook and we got a free loaf of bread I decidMascarpone Stuffed French Toast with Peaches Recipeed to make French Toast with cinnamon peaches. I must say my compliments to the chef because they were absolutely delicious! The peaches were amazing. Yumm!

I also made some bacon which I will use to make home-made bacon bits for loaded baked potato soup that will probably last throughout the week. I use a potato soup mix, cheese, bacon bits, veggies- sometimes potatoes, corn, ham, broccoli, etc., sour cream, onions, basically whatever you want and its really good and satisfying!  From the bacon grease I am going to learn to make bacon gravy and biscuits- which is actually pretty easy but is one of our favorites so I hope it works out!

Someone needs to invent a good bacon de-greaser- I went through a lot of paper towels… A good one, not one that takes a lot of time and effort. Haha, I found this seems a little slow and too much work-

Yumm, with plenty of delicious eats and a beautiful Florida day outside it should be a good Birthday! 🙂