Moe. plays live music with iPads

If  you are familiar with the band Moe., then you will find thrills off of this new concert footage. If not that much of a fan that is okay because this only really takes an appreciation for anything Apple, Mac, technologically advanced or music oriented check it out

The band Moe. formed in the cold city of Buffalo, New York during the members college years and has been playing together for over 20 years.  The tunes of Moe. are endearing, honest and uplifting.  Any listeners or Moe. concert goers are bound for having a good time- and it really is a good time!   Moe. is a self managed, independent band making it big in the world of major label systems, multi-billion dollar, managed record empires. Moe. is personal, and for that they have dedicated fans that follow them around the US and the world. The band is a jam band playing off the vibes of the concert, venue and their adoring and dedicated fans.  A Moe concert creates a good mood atmosphere and provides the whole crowd- musicians included a positive feeling to feed from.The musicians of Moe. are Rob Derhak (bass, vocals), Chuck Garvey (guitar, vocals), and Al Schnier (guitar, keyboards, vocals),  Vinnie Amico (drummer) and Jim Loughlin (percussionist and multi-instrumentalist).

Moe.’s music is Jam- a mix of composed songs  and conversational improve- an eclectic mix, or described as a “kaleidoscope” of Rock’n’Roll, Jamaican and South African influences. They were inspired by other musicians like Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, REM, the Jam, the Ramones, the Clash, Elvis Costello and more psychedelic, organic music like Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead. In fact they were so inspired that they had to make a life career out of their music.  The band continues to be inspired to day as was seen in a recent live show where the band performed its song “Crab Eye” using five iPads!

No, I wasn’t there but this was just so cool, cutting edge, freaky and really awesome at about the same time that I had to share with readers.  Four of the iPads used GarageBand to play the guitar, bass, and drums parts, according to moe. guitarist Al Schnier. Percussionist Jim Loughin used an app called “Mallet” to perform the song’s vibraphone parts. The music they made sounds like their songs and it is really cool to watch them do this as you can see in this video on YouTube.

Honestly, this video is not my favorite in the world the over use of the fish eye type effect made me feel kind of sick, but it is interesting and a cool portrayal of the band live.  It is well filmed and the best part is you can see the musicians type away at their iPads and make awesome music! For more about the band check out:

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Just Kidding 😉