Fallin’ Pines Critter Rescue

We recently visited an wildlife animal rescue in Orlando called Fallin’ Pine Critter Rescue.  Fallin’ Pines is not open to the public but a visit can be scheduled. It is also open to calls about animals and possibly taking in animals. They currently take care of a large number of exotic animals that somehow found their way to make home at the little farm.  Here are a few pictures from the adventure.

There are more on the website at: http://seelizard.smugmug.com/Nature/Nature-Photography/17354112_CNNVhw#!i=1726706531&k=SzjXZtN

Support your local Wildlife Animal Rescue.  Here’s HOW: Many of them take donations in exchange for a visiting the rescue.  They are often so glad to take donations- including money, animal cages, blankets, animal food- varies at different rescues.

Our two favorite local ones in Florida are:

Fallin’ Pines Critter Rescue


At Fallin’ Pines you will encounter squirrels that are as friendly as puppies, exotic swans and wallaby’s and kangaroos that run the place!


Arnold’s Wildlife Rescue


At Arnold’s Wildlife Rescue you will find wild large cats in cages- don’t touch! Exotic lemurs, foxes and more. There is a beautiful butterfly garden worth a per-arranged walk-through!

Some of our proceeds at See Lizard Art & Photography- http://seelizard.smugmug.com go to different Animal Rescues.