Awesome Yarn Centerpiece Craft

 Yarn Centerpiece
This is a fun and easy craft that results in an elegant, colorful centerpiece.  Wrap glue soaked yarn around balloons and after a few days the yarn has hardened and the balloons can be popped. The yarn will hold its balloon shape!
Materials needed for Yarn Centerpiece
Yarn- any color choice
Balloons- small, water balloons work
Container for glue mixture
Stick- Popsicle stick or skewer works
Mix half water and half glue together in container/bowl
Blow up balloon and tie with a knot.
Measure out piece of yarn and dip first section of yarn into water/glue mixture and let yarn absorb glue.
Take soaked piece of yarn and begin to wrap around balloon.
Continue to soak yarn thoroughly as you wrap it.  Dip yarn into glue mixture with stick.
When balloon has enough yarn wrapped around to personal satisfaction cut off yarn and tuck end under another piece on the balloon.
Allow yarn and balloon to dry for a few days until hardened and then pop balloon.
It helps to put pieces of yarn in glue mixture slowly or it will get tangled. Stick helps to soak yarn with less mess. Can also sprinkle glitter or confetti over wet yarn before dries to add sparkle.