Sunset Music Festival Tampa, Florida Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Sunset Music Festival 2012

Written by Lauren Seaman May 28, 2012

All DJ, electronic music fans delighted in this day long festival over Memorial Day Weekend Held in the parking lots of the Raymond James Buccaneer’s stadium in Tampa, Florida Sunset Music Festival starts with DJs in the morning and goes until late in the night.  The festival has three stages, two small stages and one large main stage all blaring bass booming, shaking speakers. In the small festival grounds are plenty of bar tents; food tents and colorful well lit festival decorations for the festival go-er’s viewing pleasures.  Lots of fun provided. This festival is a fun spirited dance festival sprawling with brightly neon colored outfits, fairy wings, plenty of light up hula hoops, glow sticks and very happy people.

      Photos by See Lizard Art & Photography, Lauren Seaman, for more photos check her out on the web HERE

This year’s festival featured Pretty LightsAlesso and Paul Van Dyk.  There were over 30 DJs playing all in one day, including DJ Junior’s 10-year-old son on stage. DJAlesso covered the most popular dub-step electronic beats that we all want to hear right now and really got the crowd hyped. At the end of the night Pretty Lights definitely brought it to the house with awesome crystal and geometric visuals and his usual bass booming, rocking beats.  Pretty Light’s DJ Derek was rocking a smile, as the crowd got wild to his songs including “Finally Moving” and more and rocked the fans out into the night.  He even jumped the edge of the stage to the press barrier to greet his fans at the end of the show.

As a smaller festival it is lacking the magnitude and appeal of some larger festivals.  The music is solely DJs and electronic so it pulls from a smaller fan base than some festivals that offer other genres as well. While on the other hand SMF offers a very specialized day for those electronic lovers.  The festival grounds are also on the smaller size, but parking was really convenient.  Another problem with Sunset Music Festival seemed to be the lack of support to the ticket holders for supplies such as ear plugs, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, clean porter potty bathrooms and other things that are sometimes the greatest luxury and/or essential after a long day of music in the sun.  Nevertheless, the crowd was still full of smiles, energy and excitement to be at SMF.

Sunset Music Festival carries the Florida mood with vibrant colors, warm weather and casual party atmosphere. This year tickets were only $35 and VIP tickets were for sale, too.  The stadium is in Tampa and not too far from the beach- a great way to spend the Memorial Day weekend- festival go-ers can enjoy an entire day of DJs and spend the rest of the weekend grilling hamburgers and hotdogs and sipping cold beers at the beach while celebrating being an American.


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