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Tanqueray’s Bar & Grille


Tanqueray’s Bar & GrilleTanqueray’s Bar & Grille

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As Downtown Orlando’s original subterranean bar, Tanqueray’s Bar & Grille remains an eclectic mix of music, entertainment and of course good drinks.

Located on the corner of Orange Avenue and Pine Street in the heart of Orlando’s club venues is Tanqueray’s. Step down the narrow flight of cement stairs into the entrance of the bar – the underground bar with its cavernous feel attributed to both location and atmosphere.

The bar was formerly a bank vault that has been redesigned to accommodate several intimate but open rooms making a kind of social hideaway for the customers. Inside is a full bar, music stage and social areas. Tanqueray’s has a full liquor bar including a selection of beer and wine. Don’t let the name fool you, Tanqueray’s does not serve food, therefore smoking is allowed in the bar.

The drinks are affordable thus the bar tenders are usually very busy. On most nights the owners of Tanqueray’s can be found behind the bar, mixing up drinks for the regulars. This sort of closeness translates into the feel of the bar. Open since 1989 Tanqueray’s is one of Downtown Orlando’s original bars and it has a good following. Tanqueray’s opens as early as 4:30 pm and is subsequently a popular place for the after work crowd. The crowd at Tanqueray’s tends to come in shifts – first the working crowd looking for a little after work socializing. Later in the evening it picks back up as the bar hoppers and late-night music fans trickle in.

Local bands often play late at Tanqueray’s and local fans turn out to support starting around 10:30. It is a great meet up spot for friends to enjoy some drinks and free live music- with local rock, rhythm and reggae bands playing nightly. Be sure to get there early for seats. Tanqueray’s is also a good spot to go and have a drink, sit at the bar and make some new friends. Some nights Tanqueray’s can host a little rowdier of a crowd and it can get really busy at the bar. On those nights you will not find any seating – with barely enough standing room, but it is still a good time.

At time of the evening, you will see all age ranges at Tanqueray’s. This is not a crowd that is there to see or be seen, it is a casual group there for the music, drinks and company – sort of an Orlando version of Cheers. There is no dress code required and you will see people in work attire, casual day clothes and nicer evening outfits Tanqueray’s gets crowded, loud and filled with cigarette smoke on the weekends. Non-smokers do beware: it is one of few Downtown Orlando bars where smoking is always allowed.

Tanqueray’s has no cover charge. The bar is open Mondays 6pm-2am, Tuesday through Friday 4pm-2am and weekends 9pm-2am. The bar has no designated parking lot. Parking can be found on the street or in paid parking lots in the downtown area. Public parking lots can also be found in the cities Central Parking System lots located on 99 North Garland Avenue and the Wachovia Tower, 20 North Orange Avenue. Both of these parking lots are just a few blocks north of Tanqueray’s and a short walking distance. City of Orlando ParkSmart parking lots are also near by on 109 West Pine. Most lots accept Cash, Coins, Debit Cards and Credit Cards. Downtown parking prices change and range from $2-$15.

Tanqueray’s Bar & Grille
100 S. Orange Ave.
Orlando, FL 32801


Article by: Lauren Seaman