Jam-o-Rama Rage-a-Thona Art & Music Festival Review


Jam-o-Rama Rage-a-Thona Festival 2012 Review

The past weekend, October 5th-7th 2012, DoapBox Radio held JAM-O-Rama Rage-O-Thona Art & Music Festival on Maddox Ranch in Lakeland, Florida.  The fall festival had pleasant, warm Florida weather with lots of beautiful sun.  Held on the beautiful Maddox Ranch, the

festival was under the large oak trees with dangling Spanish Moss– a fantastic Florida landscape.   The grassroots festival had an intimate, close family vibe the entire time and was on the smaller side. Although that may sound too forthcoming for some, it was really a great time for those who participated.  The festival brought spirits high, and everyone

to their dancing feet for three days.

Jam-o-Rama Rage-O-Thona had a varied lineup with Dopapod headlining and Greenhouse Lounge, COPE, Aquaphonics, Arpetrio, J2K, Lucky Costello, Riverside Project, Josh We Know and more Livetronica/Jamtronica bands and DJ’s.  Dopapod played a really great set Saturday night, which really brought the whole group together near the end of the show.  The music still played late into the night afterwards, though.

At the ranch, the farm animals and wildlife including horses and goats were a part of Jam-O-Rama.  There was also a pool and warm outdoor showers.  The one stage at Jam-o-Rama had a sandy beach.  In the day people hoola-hooped and sat in circles or lounged in beach chairs.  At night, The beach was a focal point for the music where people were partying, body painting, dancing, lying down, couples making out, new and old friends conversing, and just having a really good time. We saw poi dancers and stage lasers make flashes of light move in the large trees. When there was a light rain shower on Saturday night during Dopapod, the lasers cast glitter-like specks across the crowd and everyone kept dancing.

The beach area also served as a place for yoga on Saturday morning and a super positive, flowing Tai Chi class on Sunday morning. The festival was a homegrown, welcoming, inexpensive experience.  It was a great way to pass a weekend. Jam-o-Rama was a fun, loving community-feeling festival and we really look forward to going again next year!  For more information check out: www.DoapBoxRadio.com

For more pictures go to- See Lizard Art & Photography:  http://seelizardartphotography.zenfolio.com/p327651951