Keller Williams Tour Goes to Social in Orlando

On the 15th of November Keller Williams will play again at The Social in downtown Orlando.  Keller has played the Social in the past years for an intimate crowd that really enjoys his shows.   The Social is a small venue with full bar and waist high stage that will give  Concert goers an up-close experience at the show.  For a night of jamming, uplifting music experience get your tickets for the Keller show coming soon to Orlando!

Keller Williams is a unique one-man band with quirky lyrics and mastery of guitar playing, what he himself calls, “solo acoustic dance music.”  Williams exudes a super mellow energy, even when his songs are upbeat and fast.  Using several different instruments Keller loops and samples tunes, rhythms and beats to make complex, colorful songs.  The songs he creates before the audience sends them into cheers as the night goes by. Keller says he created his music style from being on stage with one mic and one guitar and learning how to intensify his music and make it more dance-like.  Additionally to the funky, groove beats, Keller’s songs are not without good humor and jokes, not unlike himself.

We are really excited to have Keller visit Orlando again as a part of his 2012 into 2013 tour. For more information look at Kellers website: