New Article on Sensible Reason- Shpongle Tour

Shpongle Fall Tour hits Orlando

This Wednesday the 24th Shpongle, an electronic band will be hitting Plaza Live in Orlando as part of their fall tour.  Shpongle’s music is known to be transformative, like a sound exploration, playing with your ears through DJ and computer technology.

Simon Posford whose music has reached No.28 in the French charts and Raja Ram, playing unmistakable flute solos in C Major make the internationally recognized band.  Shpongle has been together since 1998 with Twisted Records making dance music. The band is traditionally an acoustic instrument group.

Their Fall Tour is in the United States covering the Midwest, California, the southwest and a little bit of the southeast- including Orlando.  We are excited to see Shpongle and what they have to offer on Wednesday evening for their fans. See the website or more info –