STS9 Lights Up Orlando Review


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STS9 Lights Up Orlando Review

Last Thursday, April 25 Sound Tribe Sector 9 played in the middle of downtownSTS9 Beacham 4/25Orlando at the Beacham. This concert was awesome: the music was so loud the vibrations passed through your body. The local Orlando crowd was all-out dancing late into the night and roaring for more. It was so good to see and hear Tribe again!

Sound Tribe is an instrumental electronic band whose sound is heavily based in rock and derived from the eclectic individual styles of each band member.  The music is psychedelic and transcendental, incorporating instruments such as drums and guitar to create a moving sound that inherently gets people dancing and having a great time. Sound Tribe was at the front end of the Jamtronica, dub-influenced jam music movement, forming in the late ‘90s in Atlanta, Georgia.  Their shows will play late if they can as we have seen at music festivals in the past.

The April 25 Orlando concert was awesome! With a combination of old and newer tunes from the band they played an upbeat show.  Up close to the stage the crowd is dancing shoulder-to-shoulder trying to get a closer look.  The speakers of the Beacham were rattling on the floor. TowardsSTS9 Beacham 4/25 the back of the room the bars were packed and concertgoers dance around the floor.   In the balconies people watched the show from above and hung over the rails dancing to the beats and swinging their arms over their heads.The April 25 Orlando concert featured a combination of old and new tunes from the band and they played an upbeat show.  Up close to the stage the crowd was dancing shoulder-to-shoulder trying to get a closer look.  The speakers of the Beacham were rattling on the floor. Towards the back of the room the bars were packed and concertgoers danced around the floor.  On the balconies people watched the show from above.

Thursday night we heard during Set I- 
, Inspire Strikes Back, 
Be Nice
, Tooth, 
Ramone & Emiglio
, Looking Back on Earth, 
Beyond Right Now
 and EvasiveDuring Set II they played: 
Golden Gate
, Vibyl
, Vapors
, Simulator
 and March>
Rent.  Sound Tribe’s music is so good because it has a steady bass beat that the electronic sounds and guitar wind around. Their songs have grooving beats and dramatic ups and downs.  The music of Sound Tribe makes me feel ignited and happy.  Sound Tribe’s song, “Rent,”  was a bigSTS9 Beacham 4/25 hit: it is really chill but also a great dance tune that keeps you moving.  The song plays through and then comes back and hits you with a deeper, heavier bass version of the tune.  The tunes make me want to enjoy myself, dance, observe my surroundings happily as the crowd moves up and down.  Although the crowd is loud and raging, it is quite relaxing and uplifting when you get into the groove of an STS9 show. The crowd cheered for more as the band left the stage– in fact we cheered so much we got a double encore show- 1 Encore with “This, Us” and “Scheme” and then second encore with “Grow”– amazing!  I wanted more Sound Tribe!

The BeachSTS9 Beacham 4/25am Theatre is a larger concert/club venue for downtown Orlando with a 1250 capacity.  The Theatre has disco balls on the ceiling that reflect lights during the show, creating a space in the room that felt like stars.  It is really beautiful how the lights play in the room.  I enjoyed the shifting off colors across from left to right then right to left in different colors– it was like watching a rainbow move across the sky.  Sound Tribe uses a lot of colorful lighting shining on to the stage and in the crowd, creating this captivating effect.

If you missed Sound Tribe in Florida, you’re in luck: starting in a month, will begin touring music festivals including Summer Camp, Wakarusa, Jambase Live, Camp Bisco and All Good. They will also do several shows with Umphrey’s McGee at the end of the summer throughout the eastern United State-s- so excited to see the two together! The final shows of this tour will be held at Red Rocks in Colorado in September.