Some Things That Make me Happy

PlaytimeI decided after reading some other posts to make a list of things that make me happy.  There are tons of lists out there that are suggestions and good ideas, but this a more personalized list for me that I wanted to share. .. What makes you happy?

Scent of lavender, coconut, and good men’s cologne. Smell of pools, ocean, clean house.   My boyfriend. My dogs. When they smile at me. When they look cute. When we feel happy.  Caring friends, too.  Snuggling.  Watching movies and snuggling. Hugs. Kisses. I love you’s.  Taking a photograph that I feel like is a one in a million. Good food. Organics. Watermelon in season. Pumpkin. Fruit. Creamy food- cream cheese, blue cheese and bacon.  Chocolate and pastries. Bed. Sleep. Naps. Nesting into my pillows and blankets. Freshly cleaned sheets in a made bed. Meditating.  Art. Painting. Photography. Design. Animation. Museums. Galleries. Most of all when I’ve completed a project or finished a craft and it feels complete and good.   Memories- memory boxes. Photos. Scrapbooks. Old kept notes and letters.   Spas. Pedicures. Massages. Haircuts with divine conditioners and rinses. Facials. Relaxation.  Passion. Love and life that always comes around to show you the world is full of beauty. Laughter and remembering things are funny.  Finally, for today, getting things done! Finishing check lists that sort of thing.