Another Simple, easy craft!- Magnets…

I was visiting a store in Miami and came across something very similar  that inspired me to do these magnets I made.

photo 1

This craft was fun- it is another simple craft that could be completely done in a few hours, or you could stretch it out.




Gather supplies

  • Gravel/Gem Accents Clear stones- you can find these in any craft or floral department, they also have them at the Dollar Store and Art stores
  • Magazines, photos, quotes- things you like for the back of the
  • sharp scissors
  • Hodge Podge or similar glue
  • Glue gun or heavy duty craft glue
  • Good Magnets

Ok! so:

  • Cut out or punch out pictures, magazine clippings etc. to the size of your Accents Stones- If the stones are 1 inch in diameter then cut out 1″ circles
  • With my photo clippings and the stones I covered the back flat side of each stone with Hodge Podge and stuck one cut out circle on each- Let dry! Repeat! Let Dry!
  • After the previous step is completely dry I glued the magnets to the back of the paper and stone with a hot glue gun- let dry! And you are done- your very own crystal bubble like magnets…!