Fleece Throw No-Sew Free Pattern Fun

Recently, I found a sewing related project- without the sewing! I like making fleece throws.  photo 1

This project can be an easy evening project or you can make more complicated patterns and turn it into a longer project!  The project results in a super soft, warm, comfy blanket. 🙂


Gather supplies

  • 1 1/2 yards of patterned fleece*
  • 1 1/2 yards of coordinating (solid) fleece
  • sharp scissors
  • large straight pins

imagesThe fleece can be any size you would like,- which would depend on the size of blanket you want… since most fleeces are sold in approximately 54′ widths, the ones I’ve done are 54″ by 54″.

*When purchasing the fleece make sure it is machine wash and tumble dry.

(picture to the left is by http://vikkilenore.blogspot.com)

Ok! so:

  • Spread out both pieces of fabric on a large flat surface
  • Right sides facing OUT, smooth fabric out so there are no wrinkles or fabric bunching
  • Pin the two pieces together a few inches from the edges, don’t worry if one piece is a little larger

Trimming the edges

  • Trim off the unsightly  edges of the fabric
  • Trim the fabric so that both pieces are the same size,
  • After trimming, smooth fabric out again


Cut a 4″ (or 5″) square out of each corner – The size of the fringe depends on your personal preference. The width and length can be adjusted for your wants.

Note: Throws can have all different size fringe- small fringe like 1″ long to 4 or 5″, Also have seene some were the fringe is braided into itself which looks nice, too.

  • Now, cut aout 1 inch wide slits down each edge of the the two fabrics- make the cuts 4″ to 5″ in towards the center of the fabric, approximately 3/4 to 1″ wide

(Photo to right by http://careerofmotherhood.blogspot.com)

Now the fun part — make fringe.

  • Starting at one corner tie the first two pieces of ~1″ thick fringe together.  This will tie the top fabric with the bottom fabric (Remember you are tying the patterned fleece to the plain fleece)
  • Tie with a double knot — the knot shouldn’t be super tight- but tight enough to hold
  • Finish tying the rest of the fringe around the blanket


photo 2The Finished Product! Be sure to include washing instructions with your gift. Most fleeces are easily washed and dried, and come out looking new after cleaning. I made one for myself and one for My brother and sister-in-law (pictured) and currently have another for myself in the works.