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May- Monthly recap- been so busy! Colors and Bottles, school and more~

I have been working as the  Event Coordinator for Orlando for Colors & Bottles which means I help every event run smoothly.  It is fun and keeps me busy!  I am still teaching Colors & Bottles classes as well.  Attached are photos from an event I did recently at Sleeping Moon Cafe.

This has also been a super busy month for school! I completed new projects including branding and menu for a fondue restaurant I named Fun-due!, a promo video for a local adult fitness boot camp called Fitness By Example, the branding and brochures for a makeup artist / pro photographer team that is selling their services as a package (Mirian Sobrino is the makeup artist, I am the photographer! more later) called L&M Pretty Girl,  branding and website design for a frisbee golf resort that I names the Frisbee Farm Resort & Disc Golf Park, and finally I did an animation for the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Summer Concert Series which was a part of an exclusive screening fundraiser event through Full Sail Friday night.  My animation was a part of a two set concert.  The concert animation is of star trails set to the Peer Grynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46 “In the Hall of the Mountain King”- so cool! Can’t wait to do more of this- you can see part of the animation on my website here-

Attached in this gallery are some examples of all this work I’m talking about.  Please also look at the Graphics and Video sections of my website for more –

New Animations Up!

Hi- please take a look at my new animations! Thank you!

Cesar Dog Commercial- Film Class(es)

Newest Completed School Project- Cesar Dog Commercial featuring our puppies- Sherman & Sarabi.  Thanks for everyone who helped 🙂