pearl necklace

Mother’s Day & Celebration Art & Wine Stroll

We recently participated in another Celebration Art & Wine Stroll in Celebration, Florida. Celebration’s Art & Wine Stroll is a quarterly event that takes place showcasing local fine artists and the local Wine Emporium.  It is a night of warm street lamps glowing in the wake of guests milling about the many artists booths.  It is a popular event and the Sangria is the best around. Make sure to stop by the next event. ( See Lizard Art & Photography will only be there to do henna during the warm months  because the winter time is too cold outside to do henna.  If you are looking for henna we always do private appointments and parties.

On the same weekend as Celebration Art & Wine Stroll was Mother’s Day 2012.  We celebrated the appreciation of our Mom and family by having a wonderful Mother’s Day Brunch at the extravagant Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport Hotel.  We were so excited because my 96 year old grandmother came to visit with my parents. What a tough matriarch she is, with her bright red nail polish on  her fingernails she wore a handmade pearl necklace I made for her quite regally.  I made an earring-necklace set for my mom, which was quite pretty and shiny. 🙂  I am so happy my grandma and parents came to visit and we were able to spend time with them in Florida.

Be grateful for the matriarchs of your family, and if you haven’t appreciated your parents recently let go of the past and tell them you love them. Despite differences, there are probably greater similarities.  If you don’t have many differences then celebrate the friendship you do have and remind them of some of the good times you have shared.  Along side my boyfriend and my dogs 🙂 , my parents are my best friends and I love sharing with them the new experiences that bring light to their faces, the same as they have done to mine since the day I was born. Happy Mother’s Day! ❤